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by Vernita Hall

for Suhanni


Even among stars she’s a dazzler

this three-year-old, doe-eyed, brown dwarf


Spunky as sparked hydrogen she orbits

the kitchen in Black Panther pjs


or revolves past, breezily ballooning

her pink princess petticoat


electrically, eclectically radiant

eyes two blazing sunspots


erupting with mischief and mirth

black hair a nebula of tangles


combed into a constellation

of rainbowed-bead-bound braids


circling a dimpled sphere of face

glowering or aglow


petulant or persuasive

She is diva-licious


She is revolution

a seed-speck of dust


layered in light and shadow

like a black pearl, light years ahead of us


She brings you one by one her galaxy

of dolls, invites you into her world


The attraction is irresistible

The point is always her



her being celestial


leaving you eternally star-struck

as stars do

Science Museum Space Exploration

Source:  American Poetry Review, Sep/Oct 2020

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